Instant miso soup

Known as misoshiru ((味噌汁) in Japan, miso soup is made with a base of miso, a dashi and a side dish, usually wakame seaweed, tôfu or vegetables.

This light soup is part of almost every meal in Japan, and every family has its own recipe.

While it's easy to make your own miso soup, many instant miso soups are available in Japan. This format is convenient to store and quick to prepare. All you need to do is add hot (but not boiling!) water.

Instant miso soups are sold in sachets containing either freeze-dried miso to be rehydrated, or a portion of flavored miso to be diluted in hot water.

The miso used has an important influence on the final taste of the misoshiru. White miso is lighter and milder, and is generally recommended for beginners, while red miso offers a stronger flavor. It is of course possible to add ingredients other than those proposed in the sachet.

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