Shincha - the year's 1st tea harvest

Discover Shincha: Exceptional Japanese Green Tea

Shincha, 新茶 literally “new tea” in Japanese, is a real gem for green tea lovers. This sencha tea comes from the very first harvest of the year, usually between late April and early May, and is prized for its unrivalled freshness and delicate aromas.

Shincha is available in very limited quantities. The harvest is limited to a few dozen kilos per year. Don't miss out!

Shincha characteristics

Absolute freshness :

Harvested in spring, Shincha is the first tea of the year to be picked. This earliness gives it intense freshness and lively flavor.

Delicate aromas:

Shincha is renowned for its herbaceous and floral notes, accompanied by a gentle astringency and a slight sweetness in the aftertaste. These subtle aromas are a real treat for the senses.

Rich in nutrients:

Thanks to its early harvest, Shincha contains a high concentration of nutrients, including vitamin C, amino acids (such as theanine) and antioxidants.

How to prepare shincha

Shincha is prepared in the same way as sencha green tea.

Depending on the type of sencha, the tea should be steeped for around 1 minute at 70-80°c.

Subsequent infusions are shorter, about 10 seconds.

We indicate the exact details for each of our shincha teas on the packaging.

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