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Mirin Fumi 500ml

marukin mirin-fu

Mirin Fumi is a mild, versatile and authentic Japanese Mirin style seasoning for Japanese cuisine

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Along with soy sauce and dashi, Mirin is recognised as one of the three essential tastes of ancient Japan.

From marinades to sauces to broths, the Mirin Fu Marukin  みりん風 mirin-fu mirin-similar seasoning is the ideal multipurpose ingredient.

It is used to provide a uniquely sweet and deep flavour, as well as a beautiful sheen. Unlike mirin, Mirin Fu contains little or no alcohol - usually mirin must be boiled during cooking to evaporate the alcohol: this boiling is not necessary with Mirin Fu. You can achieve the same intense flavour with less effort, and using a smaller amount for:

  • teriyaki, sukiyaki, ramen noodles, rice, meat and seafood
  • sauces, even salad dressings, original dips, marinades and bring all your favourite dishes to life

Easily and rampantly apt, Mirin Fu enhances the flavour of any dish: the possibilities are endless !


Data sheet

Packing material
Glass bottle
Store in a cool, dry place away from light
Shelf life after opening
To be used within 2 months after opening
How to store after opening
Keep refrigerated after opening

Water, rice, rice alcohol, sugar, alcohol (1%)

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