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Preparation for Chahan Stir-fried Rice - Gomoku (3p)

nagatanien gomoku chahan no moto

Mix for preparing stir-fried rice Cha-han shrimp & fish

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Chan-han チャーハン is a kind of Cantonese rice, stir-fried rice with a variety of toppings, according to the concept of cupboard cooking.

This dish which is very popular in Japan is actually very simple: invariably rice, egg, spices and then the topping of chopped or cubed vegetables, fish, meat, seafood or tofu. All sauteed very quickly in a pan.

Nagatanien concocted for you this Chahan No Moto チャ―ハンの素 blend of crab and fish, red pepper, a hint of garlic and spices, to mix with your rice and omelette cubes.

With this Gomoku ready-to-cook mix 五目, treat yourself to this aromatic seaside Cha-han taste!


Data sheet

Packing material
Plastic bag with zip
Store in a cool, dry place away from light
Nutrition facts / 100 g
Energy kcal 278 Kcal
Fat 1.5 g
   Saturates 0.4 g
Carbohydrate 54 g
   Sugars 18.5 g
Protein 12.2 g
Salt 29.3 g


Salt, dextrin, sugar, sodium glutamate, soy sauce (soy, wheat, salt), palm oil, shrimp, onions, minced fish paste, fish paste (Alaskan hake), potato starch, red pepper, green onion, fried garlic powder (garlic, palm oil), pepper, modified starch, grilled onion powder (onion, corn starch, soybean oil, rapeseed oil), green onion powder (green onion, palm oil), 5'-disodium inosinate, 5'-guanylate, aroma, chilli, red colour No. 40,

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