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Traditional white miso from Toyama 1kg
  • Traditional white miso from Toyama 1kg

Traditional white miso from Toyama 1kg

yamagen daichi no megumi

White rice miso from the Toyama prefecture

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The miso 味噌 (pronounced misso) is an age-old food and a mainstay of Japanese cuisine. It is produced from fermented soybeans and a grain, often rice, wheat or barley.

The producer Yamagen 山元 in the prefecture of Toyama, has been committed to passing on the family's traditional know-how since 1772 and still perpetuates the ancestral gestures of the Miso paste making processes.

This white miso(shiro miso) is minimally fermented to retain a light colour and mild, light flavour. Produced from soybeans and rice (kome miso), it can be used to make miso soups, for meat marinades or as a sauce base.

Miso is rich in protein and has beneficial effects on digestion, cholesterol and blood circulation. Miso contains a lot of salt, so care should be taken with the amount used.

Use this Yamagen Authentic White Miso and enjoy the great tasting qualities of this naturally health-promoting condiment with an exceptional umami flavour!

Without additives


Data sheet

Région of production
1kg net
Packing material
Plastic bag
Store in a cool, dry place away from light
Shelf life after opening
To be consumed within 3 months after opening
How to store after opening
Keep refrigerated after opening
Nutrition facts / 100 g
Energy kcal 203 Kcal
Fat 5.0 g
   Saturates 1.7 g
Carbohydrate 29.4 g
   Sugars 0.0 g
Protein 10 g
Salt 11.8 g


Water, soybeans, rice, salt, alcohol.

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