Japanese Dorayaki - Yuzu & shiro-an 300g

hiyoshi yuzu dorayaki

Bag of dorayaki with white bean and yuzu citrus filling

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Dorayaki is a very popular Japanese pastry in Japan that appeals to all generations. It is easily found in supermarkets, combinis, summer festivals, bakeries and tea shops.

A very round shape like a gong dora どらand toasted yaki 焼: these are 2 supersized pankakes traditionally filled with sweet red bean anko paste. The Japanese love it with a cup of green tea and especially when it is stamped on the top with a cute mark or drawing: a delicious souvenir to enjoy at home or to give as a gift.

Let yourself be tempted by this soft Yuzu Dorayaki ゆずどら焼 filled with a white shiro-an white bean paste delicately flavoured with matcha tea: a true Japanese delicacy!

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Preservative free: consume within 2 days after opening !

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Data sheet

300g (6x30g)
Packing material
Plastic bag
Plastic tray
Store in a cool, dry place away from light
Shelf life after opening
Best before 48 hours after opening

Sugar, white bean paste (shiroan), wheat flour, egg, starch syrup, yuzu zest, honey, mirin, yeast, agar agar, vitamin B1, aroma.

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