50 unusual facts about Japan

True Stories from Japan

To astonish even the most jaded of news fans, and anyone with a passion for Japanese culture !

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« Did you know that a traditional bar used monkeys to serve its customers? That it took a Japanese man 54 years to complete a marathon? That two melons were sold for over €37,000, or that the world's oldest DJ was Japanese and is now 87 years old?

Japan never ceases to amaze us with its culture and history. But there are still many astonishing facts and stories that are little known. That's the purpose of this book, which looks back at 50 unusual stories:

  • Funny, poignant or disconcerting, the stories recounted here show a wide variety, and they all turn out to be true
  • The facts are written in a reader-friendly style that will appeal to all types of reader.
  • In addition to these unusual facts, the book provides valuable information about Japanese culture and customs.

A book to be consulted for long reading sessions or just to be picked up as you wish, at any time of day ! »

Publisher: OMAKE

Author: Lilian NOREAU

Photographer :

Width: 130mm - Height: 190mm

Pages : 130

Publication date : 23/02/2024

ISBN : 978-2-37989-213-4

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