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Premium Kawasemi japanese Sake 14.8% 300ml


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Koshinohana Kawasemi No Tabi Junmai Genshu

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Product Details

Brewed at Niigata, Kasemi is a pure rice wine, very expressive, rather smooth and very fruity.

It contains no additives or preservatives.


Kawasemi no Tabi カワセミの旅,  “the kingfisher's journey”, is a unique sake, grown in the Koshino-Hana cellar in Niigata, according to traditional methods of production.

Its knowntastes of ripe fruit and soft rice, but also unknown and seductive flavors reveal notes of ripe pear, lychee, spicy and slightly peppery scents. On the palate, it evolves on fruit juice before opening up to more cereal notes of breadcrumbs and finishing with slightly tart sensations. It leaves the palate fresh and available.

Kawasemi is ideal for learning about sake, but is perfect for connoisseurs for selected moments and pairings.
It will astonish the connoisseur and will please those who wish to discover.

Product type : Japanese Sake / Nihonshu

Origin :   Niigata  / Japon 


Category / Style :   junmai genshu

Profile :  half dry

Alcohol degree : 14.8%

Size :   30cl

Packaging : glass bottle

Milling / polishing ratio :  70% (remaining rice grain)

Tasting notes :   juicy pear, litchi, spicy flavours, cereal flavours

Sake Meter Value / Nihonshudo : -30

Acidity / Sando  : 2.5

Amino acid / Aminosando : 1.6

Ingredients :  rice Koshiibuki rice-kôji, water

Service temperature : To appreciate all the subtleties, we advise you to enjoy fresh Kawasemi, at 8-10 ° C, in tasting glasses

Storage :   in the refrigerator between  +2°C and +10°C

Recommandation :    Excessive consumption of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Drink with moderation.

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