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Premium sake Hakkaisan Junmai Daiginjo 15.5% - 300ml


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Hakkai Jôzo Hakkaisan Junmai Daiginjo

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Product Details

Elegant rice sake fom Niigata, with its mild and fruity taste


Enjoy this sake Hakkaisan 八海山 Daiginjo 大吟醸 !

Product type : Japanese Sake / Nihonshu

Origin :   Niigata / Japon 

Brewery :   Hakkaisan Jôzo

Category / Style :   junmai daiginjô

Profile :   half medium dry

Alcohol degree : 15.5%

Size :   30cl

Packaging : glass bottle

Milling / polishing ratio :  45% (remaining rice grain)

Tasting notes :  melo, apple, nuts

Sake Meter Value / Nihonshudo : +4

Acidity / Sando  : 1.3

Ingredients :  rice Yamada nishiki, Miyama Nishiki & Gohyakumangoku,  rice-kôji

Service temperature : room temperature (15-20°C) or warm (35-40°C) or chilled

Storage :  

  • Keep in a cool dry place far from light.
  • Once opened, place  the refrigerator between  +2°C and +10°C

Recommandation :    Excessive consumption of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Drink with moderation.

ID : 11583342