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Set of 3 pairs of Love You chopsticks

bambou - 2 x 24cm & 1 x16cm

Set of 3 pairs of Japanese chopsticks, bamboo, with Love You heart design
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Set of 3 pairs of Japanese chopsticks (hashi in Japanese ?) - 2x 24cm and 1x16cm) in natural bamboo, with original Love You Heart pattern

These bamboo chopsticks are hand washable and reusable: ideal for a special head to head table service.

In Japan, the end used to catch food is pointed, unlike other Asian chopsticks: this makes it easy to cut fish, a favourite ingredient in Japanese cuisine. In this version, each pair of chopsticks has several notches on its tip for a better grip on Japanese cooking ingredients such as rice or sushi.

With a little practice and dexterity (and patience ...), with this one pair of chopsticks, you too will be able to cut, mix, roll, drain and separate all the foods in your favourite Japanese dishes!

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