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Ohmai Osaka takoyaki ko shoyu

Takoyaki mix 500g
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500g of Takoyaki Flour mix to prepare takoyaki, speciality of Osaka, Japan.

The takoyaki dumplings are stuffed with octopus.

(For 50 pieces) :

250g of takoyaki flour mix

1 egg

750ml of water

100g of octopus tentacles cut into small pieces, tenkasu (fried flour flake), cut leeks or green onion, chopped pickled ginger, etc ... according to your taste.

1 / Put the takoyaki flour mix, egg and water in a bowl, and mix well with a whisk.

2 / Heat and oil a takoyaki pan. Pour the batter into the pan and add the ingredients (octopus, tenkasu, green onion, ginger, etc.).

3 / Turn down the gas.
When outside the dumpling is cooked, turn the takoyaki with a skewer to cook the other side

You can serve them with sauce for takoyaki (or okonomiyaki), shaved dried bonito and seaweed flakes aonori.

Important :

- When preparing the dough, pour the water slowly and mix well to avoid lumps.

- Put large amount of oil to be more crispy.

Composition: wheat flour, corn starch tapioca, corn, salt, sugar, soy sauce powder, E621, E631, kombu powder, powder sardine, mackerel powder, bonito powder, extract of bonito.

Made in Japan.


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