Nidanjuku curry sauce mix Hot 160g


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Glico 2dan juku curry karakuchi

Nidanjuku curry Hot
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Product Details

Nidanjuku curry sauce mix Hot 160g

For 8 servings:

1 packet (160g) of curry sauce mix

320g of meat

500g of Onion

225g of Potato

150g of carrot

2 tablespoons of oil or butter

900ml of water

*For Half Pack Cooking (4-5 servings): Use half amount of ingredients with 550ml of water.


Composition: bacon, beef fat, vegetable oil, wheat
flour, sugar, salt, curry powder, onion, ginger and garlic powder, corn flour, banana puree, powdered soy sauce, hydrolyzed protein, seaweed extract , chicken extract, lactose, shiitake, yeast extract, dextrin, butter, glucose, vegetal extracts, aroma, E150a, E621, E631, E635, E640, E473, E330.

Product of Japan

ID : 2801449